Name: Filip Bengtsson

Nickname: Was called by my classmates when i was smaller Lillen (the little one) im also known as Fippe, Bengt, Bengan and Fille a beloved child has many names.

Club: Ck Bure

Team: Differdange – Losch

Age: 20

Born: 17 September 1995.

Lives: Halmstad/ Esch sür alzette

Length: 170cm

Weight: 58 kg

When did i started Cycling?: In the spring when I was 12 I made my first turn of the pedals on road bike, a turquoise steel frame with Campagnolo Mirage from the mid 90‘s. Since then I have been hooked.

Best cycling memory: The time as first-year junior when I rode all the Nation Cups with the national team, we had an incredibly good atmosphere in the team, good leaders and good cyclists, which led to good results. The year after that the second-year junior was the opposite.

Best feature as a cyclist: Stubborn, Hills around 1km terribly steep.

What do I do when Im not on my bike?: Spending time with Friends and Family. 

Favorit dish: Seafood

Childhood Hero: Bamse och Skalman.

Season goals 2016: Develop as a cyclist even more then in 2015



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